Sabancaya (Peru) - Report for 2 August-8 August 2017

Observatorio Vulcanológico del Sur del IGP (OVS-IGP) and Observatorio Vulcanológico del INGEMMET (OVI) reported that explosive activity at Sabancaya increased compared to the previous week; there was an average of 65 small explosions recorded per day during 31 July-6 August.
The earthquakes were dominated by long-period signals; the number of hybrid and tremor events had decreased.
Gas-and-ash plumes rose 4 km above the crater rim and drifted no more than 30 km N and SE.
Sulfur dioxide flux was as high as 2,254 tons per day, recorded on 2 August.
The MIROVA system detected nine thermal anomalies.
The report reminded the public not to approach the crater within a 12-km radius.

Sources: Instituto Geofísico del Perú (IGP),Instituto Geológico Minero y Metalúrgico (INGEMMET)

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