Copahue (Chile-Argentina) - Report for 18 November-24 November 2020

SERNAGEOMIN reported that during 1-15 November activity at Copahue decreased to low levels.
Passive gas emissions generally rose 200-300 m above the vent, though on 15 November they rose 760 m.
The report also noted no changes to deformation, low levels of sulfur dioxide emissions, low seismicity, partial restoration of the crater lake, and the absence of nighttime crater incandescence since late October.
The Alert Level was lowered to Green (the lowest level on a four-color scale) on 15 November.
ONEMI cancelled the Yellow Alert for the Alto Biobío municipality, but declared a ?Preventive Early Warning? ensuring continued surveillance of the area and coordination within the Civil Protection System.

Source: Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería (SERNAGEOMIN)

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