Whakaari/White Island (New Zealand) - Report for 17 February-23 February 2021

GeoNet reported that beginning around 0220 on 19 February a series of short-lived, low-energy steam explosions at Whakaari/White Island were recorded for about 100 minutes by local seismic and acoustic instruments.
Webcam images were dark due to the time of day; no trace ash deposits were visible.
Tremor had begun around 2100 the night before and then ceased at 0550 when the steam explosions ended.
Visual observations and gas flux measurements taken during an overflight on 18 February showed no changes compared to the previous month.
The Volcanic Alert Level remained at 1 and the Aviation Color Code remained at Green.

Source: GeoNet

Fonte/Source: Global Volcanism Program/Smithsonian Institution

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