Stromboli (Italy) - Report for 3 July-9 July 2019 - NEW

An intense paroxysmal explosive sequence at Stromboli on 3 July resulted in injuries to tourists climbing the volcano and one death.
INGV surveillance cameras recorded intensification of Strombolian activity at the N1 and N2 vents in Area N (north crater area, NCA) and vent S2 in Area C-S (South Central crater area), and spattering at S1 and C in Area C-S.
An explosion from Area C-S at 1459 was followed by lava effusion and a flow that traveled into the upper part of Sciara del Fuoco.
At different times during 1543-1545 lava overflowed from all vents and a strong explosion occurred at N1 at 1545.
The paroxysmal phase began at 1546; two lateral blasts presumably from Area C-S were recorded at 1546:10 and 1546:20, just 10 seconds apart from each other.
The main paroxysmal explosion, at 1546:40 ejected incandescent material that fell onto the flanks and generated an ash plume rose 4 km above the summit that drifted SW.
Material from the lateral explosions and eruption column collapse generated two highly turbulent pyroclastic flows that reached the sea.
Hot material set fire to vegetation on the W side of the island.
Strombolian activity resumed at 1559, though the explosions were more intense than normal.
Spattering from Area C-S continued on 4 July, feeding lava flows that continued to enter the ocean.

Sources: Reuters,Sezione di Catania - Osservatorio Etneo (INGV)

Fonte/Source: Global Volcanism Program/Smithsonian Institution

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