Pacaya (Guatemala) - Report for 28 April-4 May 2021

INSIVUMEH reported that during 27-29 April occasional explosions at Pacaya?s Mackenney Crater ejected incandescent material as high as 250 m above the summit.
On 27 April a lava flow emerged from a new fissure on the upper SE flank traveled 200 m.
At around 0500 on 29 April the seismic network recorded signals indicating a change from mostly explosive to mostly effusive activity.
At around 0645 a new fissure opened on the N flank, producing a lava flow that rapidly traveled N towards Cerro Chino and then turned S and spread W and SW.
Explosive activity at the fissure was minor during 29-30 April.
By 3 May the flow was almost 2.1 km long, and continued to advanced W and SW at least through 4 May.

Source: Instituto Nacional de Sismologia, Vulcanologia, Meteorologia, e Hidrologia (INSIVUMEH)

Fonte/Source: Global Volcanism Program/Smithsonian Institution

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