Pavlof (United States) - Report for 10 August-16 August 2022

AVO reported that a minor eruption at a vent on Pavlof?s upper E flank was ongoing during 9-16 August, though cloud cover often prevented visual confirmation.
Seismic tremor persisted and multiple small daily explosions were detected in local and regional seismic and infrasound data.
The explosions may have produced minor ash emissions that rose no higher than 3 km (10,000 ft) a.s.l.
and dissipated quickly, though on a few of the clear views none were seen.
Elevated surface temperatures were identified in satellite images on most of the days.
The Volcano Alert Level remained at Watch and the Aviation Color Code remained at Orange.

Source: US Geological Survey Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO)

Fonte/Source: Global Volcanism Program/Smithsonian Institution

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