Semeru (Indonesia) - Report for 10 August-16 August 2022

The eruption at Semeru continued during 10-16 August.
The Darwin VAAC reported that during 13-16 August ash plumes rose to altitudes of 4.3-4.6 km (14,000-15,000 ft) a.s.l.
and drifted SW and W based on satellite images and wind models.
The Alert Level remained at 3 (on a scale of 1-4).
The public was warned to stay at least 5 km away from the summit, and 500 m from Kobokan drainages within 17 km of the summit, along with other drainages originating on Semeru, including the Bang, Kembar, and Sat, due to lahar, avalanche, and pyroclastic flow hazards.

Source: Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC)

Fonte/Source: Global Volcanism Program/Smithsonian Institution

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